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We are Foster Tec

Foster-Tec is an emerging company focused on providing precise solutions for its customers. Our team has extensive experience in industry and mining, combining knowledge and experience to make your requirements a reality.

m-tech gmbh was founded in 1989 as a division within müller co-ax ag in Forchtenberg, Germany (then just ,,m-tech division”) and has since been dedicated to the specific requirements of the global gas industry.

Since the foundation of the independent company “m-tech GmbH” on January 01, 2000, they and their full and specific support of customers are well known around the high pressure gas sector

m-tech gmbh offers the know-how, production and maintenance of high quality valves, modules and systems for the filling of industrial, medical and specialty gases.

The services of m-tech gmbh are in demand internationally. m-tech gmbh supplies first class high performance valves, either individually or as a complete package including actuators, controls and other accessories.

m- tech gmbh is a subsidiary of müller co-ax ag, a company also based in Forchtenberg, Germany, since 1960, specializing in the development and production of high performance valves in various fields and on a global scale.

The cooperation between m-tech gmbh and Foster-Tec was born from the vision of creating geographical proximity between m-tech gmbh and its customers in Latin America.

A project for Indura ( Air Products Group) in Peru was the starting point and the basis for the idea of having a local representative in the region.

In this way, Foster-Tec is the strategic partner based in Chile, where it is able to support established m-tech customers and thus build a commercial network with new customers.


To provide reliable products and services of excellent quality.

To respond to the needs of our customers, guaranteeing satisfaction beyond their expectations.

To promote efficiency at every step.


To be the main world-wide known referent in technology and service in the continent.